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Let’s talk about SEX and all the stuff in between!


Hello friends! One Day I was sitting in my kitchen mid day ignoring my children, and I started  to reminisce about a scary yet confusing time for me...dating was a adventure, uncharted land and just straight up fun for me;so this blog is about sex and dating after the children and all of the in between stuff before you get in a relationship. I hope you enjoy Reading my blog as much as I enjoyed living it!!! It’s called Bad moms blurb but all are invited on this rollercoaster ride with me! 

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Hold a conversation with me! Email me any topics you want to talk about or any questions you have for me! This is seriously my favorite part about my website because I love feedback, Good and bad! 

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The  world moves so fast and we are constantly moving with it; I want this website to be the place where you can take a load off and relax! Speaking of relaxing I also have have a variety of bath bombs I call chills pillz that are available for sale. Along with my own special made epsom salt and a hand Made honey rose scrub! Email me for inquiries 

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My blog is the raunchy, non sugar coated version of the sex life of a single mother. Who says that having children should stop a healthy and exciting sex life? Certainly not I... So please join me as I share the good, the bad, and the fucking ugly in my journey of dating, motherhood, sex, and all the fun stuff in between.

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